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In that nicole photo I thought you were jujubee!!

I thought so too LOL!

LOVE my cast mates! If you’re in Chicago/Boystown, check us out third Monday of every month at Scarlet for TRANNIKA’s MOST WANTED (HATED)! With Kim Chi, myself, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Trannika REX! (Ruby Dee also with us)

sooo I met nicole


Monday at Scarlet!

kahmorahall kimchichic discobldbath

come see us!! its my first show as a cast member!

Some more pics from Neverland’s Gravity party!!

Space hooker from Uranus

neverland gravity party

photoshoot with Kim Chi and Maurene Cooper…can’t wait for the photos!

Hello Ms. Kahmora, I have a question to ask you. I saw the blonde wig that you posted on instagram, the one with the ponytails. My wig is in desperate need of some volume and density and I know your suppose to sew the ponytail to the wig. I want to know is there a certain way to do it and where to sew it on the wig. If you can answer this question, i'd be a life saver! Thank you.

Hi sweety. It just depends on a number of things. How many draw string ponytails do you have? Is it the same color, curl pattern, length to the base wig? Is your base wig a lace front, full cap, or half wig?