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most wanted last night!


Kahmora Hall - Interviewed by Shea Coulee for Trannika’s Most Wanted.

To celebrate the second anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted at Scarlet, I’m having cast members Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Kahmora Hall sit down with each other to talk shit & expose the secrets of Boystown’s wackiest drag show. In this first interview, Shea Coulee interviews Kahmora Hall about everything from going on a date in exchange for a human hair wig to being the queen of Cheesie’s.

SC: What is one thing you’d want the children know about Kahmora?

KH: I once went on a date for human hair weave. True story. Am I proud of it? No. Was the hair good? Yes.

SC: I wish someone would just pay for dinner but this isn’t about me.

KH: At the end of the date he tried to kiss me at the redline, dodged that with the quickness!

SC: HAHAHA! That’s my star. Hair weaves are a girl’s best friend. So how does it feel to have crashed the haus of Most Wanted?

KH: To be honest I was very honored and humbled by it! I’ve only been regularly performing for a year. I still feel like I’m learning the basics, but I’ve got some great teachers! Like tucking 101…you sure know how to snatch it back! And Trannika has really taught me how to hate myself!

SC: So what is your favorite aspect about performing as Kahmora?

KH: Being a blonde. And getting away from the hubby for a few hours.

SC: So as a baby crossdresser, did you ever play in mom’s clothes?

KH: Of course! I still do now. My mom still dresses hot for her age. I’m actually borrowing her dress just for this anniversary show! I’m skinnier. Her 00 days are over.

SC: So what do you see in Kahmora’s future?

KH: To not be known as the other Asian girl. Just kidding. I honestly would love to do a pageant, something my drag mother has always hoped for me to do. Not sure which one yet. it’s a tie between Miss Cheesies and Miss Bonsai.

SC: That’s really amazing Kahmora. Cheesies would be lucky to crown you. OK, Rapid fire: Tyra or Naomi?

KH: Who the fuck would pick Tyra? She gave a man a beard weave this cycle. No.

SC: I’m thinking about investing in lace eyebrows.

KH: I’m a fan of your Whoopi illusion, though

SC: Thanks. But back to the interview… Jennifer or Angelina?

KH: Angelina, because I know what it’s like to be a home wrecker.

SC: You?! But you seem so wholesome? How many homes have you wrecked? And I’m not just talking about your terrible interior design skills…

KH: Haha! I may look innocent, but I love being the ‘other bottom.’

SC: HAHAHA! Well I think that’s enough personal information. Thanks girl! Catch Kahmora, myself, Trannika Rex, Kim Chi, Kahmora Hall and special guests Honey Dijon and Victoria Mourning at the Trannika’s Most Wanted Two Year Anniversary at Scarlet, Monday October 20th, 10pm to midnight.

get the nitty gritty on my life! The two year anniversary of Trannikas Most Wanted is next Monday at Scarlet!


Kim Chi - Interviewed by Kahmora Hall for Trannika’s Most Wanted. 
To celebrate the second anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted at Scarlet, I’m having cast members Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Kahmora Hall sit down with each other to talk shit & expose the secrets of Boystown’s wackiest drag show. Today, Kahmora Hall grills Kim Chi about everything from virginity to competitively priced sushi.

Kahmora Hall: Ni Hao Kim! One of the things I love about your style of drag is that it’s always conceptual and fashion forward; what would you say is your signature look?

KIm Chi: I don’t know if I have a signature look per se but I do wear lot of headpieces to help narrate a visual story. Every time I get in a costume, I want to look completely different. Same goes for makeup. I like to try new techniques, colors and products or work on refining a previous technique. Doing drag feels like a never ending learning experience and that’s why I love it so much!

KH: I remember the first time I saw you, it was a cold winter’s night, you were walking from Berlin in sexy red lingerie with a fur coat…

KC: That was a one time thing and it was demure baby doll lingerie! Kim is a 16 year old virgin so I rarely do anything ‘sexy’. Sex and being sexy is something I’m not too familiar with, so I prefer to focus on the beauty of innocence and youth.

KH: In honor of the 2 year anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted, if you could make a headpiece out of a castmate’s wardrobe, who would it be?

KC: Valentine. Her jewelry game is always on point and probably has the biggest collection of big chunky sparkles of anybody I know.

KH: Now, I know we’re all castmates and sisters, but tell me, who’s got the meatiest tuck?

KC: Best part about Most Wanted is, we serve up meaty tucks in all variety of colors and sizes! Valentine’s chorizo, Kahmora’s gio lua, Shea’s hot links, Trannika’s vienna sausage and my soondae! The audience will have to come and try all the repulsive flavors on their own.

KH: All of those phallic foods got me hungry! What are some of your favorite places to pig out on a budget?!

KC: On a budget? I’m not sure what that means but I am going to assume food for people with little to no money. For Indian food, Ghareeb Nawaz is my #1. You can get a delicious giant platter of chicken biryani or veggie thali for only $3.99. Sun Wah has never done me wrong for Chienese food. $5.99 BBQ combination rice plate is my jam. Don Pedro Carnitas in pilsen has cheap and delicious Mexican food. Their carnitas just melt in your mouth. For sushi, you can’t beat the all-you-can-eat at Sushi Para for $18.99. Trannika, Shea, Valentine and I frequent Pauline’s for brunch. The 99 cents any sized iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts between 3pm-6pm keeps me alive. The Vietnamese pastry shop right off the Argyle redline has some yummy stuff too. Ham and egg bun for 89 cents! For Thai, Cozy noodles and rice has a great lunch special for $4.99.

KH: Wow! Such racially and ethnically diverse options, just like Trannika’s jokes! How long have you been a cast member?

KC: August 2013 is when I officially became a cast member.

KH: Marry Fuck Kill: Trannika, Val, or Shea?

KC: Kill them all

KH: If you could be any item on the mcdonalds menu, what would it be?

KC: Large iced coffee. Tall, dark and strong.

KH: Any shameless plugs you’d like to throw out there?!

KC: Neverland’s day of the dead party is coming up on October 24th! Come check out the Drag Carnage featuring special guest from Puerto Rico, Kandy Ho! I am doing a special hot spot performance as well. I will also be at the Berlin Drag Matinee this month, Plan B, Madison on the 16th, and Milwaukee Macabre on the 17th. I will be at night of 100 drag queens as well!

KH: There you have it folks! Boystown’s hardest workin’ Asian woman, harder than all sweatshops combined, Kim Chi! Catch her busting her shit with the rest of us at the Trannika’s Most Wanted Two Year Anniversary at Scarlet on October 20th, featuring Trannika Rex, Shea Coulee, Valentine, Kim Chi, Kahmora Hall and special guests Honey Dijon and Victoria Mourning.

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In that nicole photo I thought you were jujubee!!

I thought so too LOL!

LOVE my cast mates! If you’re in Chicago/Boystown, check us out third Monday of every month at Scarlet for TRANNIKA’s MOST WANTED (HATED)! With Kim Chi, myself, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Trannika REX! (Ruby Dee also with us)

sooo I met nicole


Monday at Scarlet!

kahmorahall kimchichic discobldbath

come see us!! its my first show as a cast member!

Some more pics from Neverland’s Gravity party!!

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