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Long, beautiful hurrr~

Changed my setting powder to a mix of neutral set and beige suede by ben nye, and my highlight powder to banana. I used to use superwhite, but banana makes me “less ashy” lol. 

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    FUCK YESSS Ms Kahmora!!!! That hair is Everything and you are swimming! FISH!!!!
  2. itsduhbombdotcom said: OMG!!! Stunning!!!! <3
  3. snatchedforthegods said: you look mixed!
  4. nolleprosequi said: WERQ. It looks amazing. Is banana also ben nye? I need to get some of that.
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    FISH! IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER! Seriously bitch, you look SO good.
  6. notean said: damn. DDDAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN
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    ashy haha
  8. sailinggsoulss said: you’re getting so good ahhhhh :D gorgeous!
  9. atinypanda said: yea, i would do you. <3
  10. darkeyedresolve said: all this makeup talk makes me zone out
  11. poorlittlequeerboy said: o.m.f.g. FISH.
  12. rideorpie said: serving fishy realness girl! Love it!
  13. heycharnae said: damn gurl
  14. b-ames said: Omg Yessss please!!!
  15. jollymarco said: looove
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